Contemporary Health Communications provides high quality personalized patient information brochures to plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons. Our line of 28 brochures are beautifully illustrated and written so that patients will easily understand what is involved. These low cost pamphlets are sure to enhance any practice!
Personalize your brochures.

Add your name and address to the back panel, along with any other information you would like to include about yourself or your practice. You can add black and white camera ready artwork, such as your picture or a map to your office.

Click on procedure below to see sample of brochure. Please note - brochures look better in real life - please call for actual sample.

Breast Augmentation
Breast Reduction
Breast Lift
Cheek Implant
Chemical Peel
Chin Augmentation
Cosmetic Surgery of the Ear
Cosmetic Surgery of the Eye
Cosmetic Surgery of the Nose
Dental Implants
Dermatologic Surgery

Facial Liposuction
Fat Transplantation
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Laser Surgery
Orthognathic Surgery
Tattoo Removal
TM Disorders
Treatment of Hair Loss
Wisdom Teeth